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Basic Etiquette: What Not to Do at a Gun Store

What to Do at Your Local Gun Shop

Heading over to your local gun shop is a straightforward affair if you know what you’re looking for, whether you want advice for your firearm, cleaning, or a new gun. You should consider practicing proper etiquette though, so if you’re unsure about what to do at your local gun store, consider the following things:

Tinkering and Jingling Guns

No matter how well-versed you are at firearms, you shouldn’t treat them like toys, so no tinkering or jingling. Just consider that maybe, just maybe, there’s an off chance that the gun could go off, causing panic at the gun store.

Not Practicing Gun Safety When Look Through Firearms

You should still practice trigger discipline, among other things, when you’re looking through firearms. This will ensure safety, of course, but will also give the gun salesman confidence that you know how to handle guns properly.

Buying a Used Firearm From a Customer

It’s common etiquette that whenever you’re at a gun store, you shouldn’t deal with customers who are just in it to sell used firearms. For one thing, this could be against state laws. For another, it’s considered rude to do so, especially when there’s a gun expert around ready to provide professional gunsmith quality service.

Buying a Firearm Despite Restrictions Against You

Regulations may be preventing you from getting firearms, so don’t even try to negotiate with the shop owner. You might just end up making a fool of yourself, so unless restrictions against you ease up, you’re better off not getting a firearm just yet, even if you’re getting one from an affordable gun shop company.

Inciting Panic at a Gun Store

No one wants to be that person who’d warn people about an impending war or an incoming apocalypse, urging them to stock up on firearms. Some people in the gun store are essentially just hobbyists looking to drive out to a local driving range, so don’t try to scare them with your conspiracy theories.

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