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How the Transfer of Guns Is Legislated

Gun Transfer and How the Lautenberg Amendment Came About

Always wondered how gun transfer was regulated? Well, wonder no more, carry on reading out Regions Guns & Ammo post to learn something.

The Lautenberg Amendment is a nickname that was adopted for an amendment in the 1968 Gun Control Act. The 104th United States Congress, met in Washington, D.C., from 3rd January 1995 and the 3rd January 1997, to draw up this law, which was then enacted in 1996. This law earned its nickname from a Congressman called Frank Lautenberg, he proposed the amendment and was the senator from 1982 to 2001 for the state of New Jersey.

The Lautenberg Amendment is actually known as the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban and is under the code of 18 U.S.C. Section 922(g)(9). This Gun Control Act of 1968 is a major piece of legislation, as it regulates the firearms industry by stopping transfers in interstate commerce, unless done so by licensed firearm makers, importers and dealers.

It came into effective on 30th September 1996, meaning, the Lautenberg Amendment makes it unlawful for people that have been convicted of any misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence to receive, possess, transport, or transfer any firearm or ammunition. It also makes it a felony to send any firearms or ammunition to anyone who was also convicted of the same crimes.

Both soldiers and law enforcement officers that use firearms and ammunition are not exempt from this Amendment, as it applies to privately owned weapons too. Soldiers that have a conviction of domestic violence may be stopped from going on missions or being appointed to positions which require the use of firearms. In a few cases, they could be discharged, an action which has been aptly nicknamed “Lautenberged.” Some police officers that have such an offense have been dismissed in similar fashions.

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