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Looking for a place where you can benefit from professional gun transfer or repair services? If you have located anywhere near Miami, FL, call Regions Guns & Ammo. We have years of experience in this business and will be glad to share our knowledge with you. We’ll meet your needs on time and in a very professional manner. But before you make an appointment, why not check out the reviews from our clients to see what they think of our business? Visit our Google Business page now!

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Regions Guns & Ammo
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 16 reviews
by James R. Lowe on Regions Guns & Ammo

I went to see this gunsmith because I had to get my rifle clean. This expert explained what had to be done and how to make sure that the rifle will always be at its best condition. I was very impressed with how this professional handled everything.

by Donna D. Perkins on Regions Guns & Ammo
Great Work!

My dad had a collection of guns and rifles. It was stored for a long time and we weren't sure if it was still working. We took it all to the gunsmith of this gun shop. This expert got to look at it and cleaned it thoroughly. It all look so brand new after it was cleaned. We are very happy with what they did, especially my dad.

by Oscar N. Riley on Regions Guns & Ammo
Very Accommodating Place

My wife and I were thinking of getting a gun for our home, for protection. We went from one place to another. Of all the shops we went to, we love this gunsmith the most. All our inquiries were answered and was told what was best for us. We have never met anyone as accommodating as this expert.

by Kyle B. Legrand on Regions Guns & Ammo

Purchasing a gun was a plan of mine. However, I wasn't sure what kind and what is best for me. I talked to the gunsmith who was very accommodating and answered every question I had, even the silliest ones. I so love this expert for I got the gun perfect for me. Thanks for your great service.

by Troy R. Rodriguez on Regions Guns & Ammo
Trustworthy Experts

My friend purchased my gun so we went to see the gunsmith of this shop if they could help us do a transfer of ownership. The transaction was quick and easier than we imagined. I guess the reason is that this expert knows what has to be done. We are glad we chose them to help us.

by Jaime Fleming on Regions Guns & Ammo
Ready for My First Gun

I had a great experience going to this shotgun shop, as a first-timer you’d be right to assume that I had about a ton of questions swimming in my head the moment I even set foot in there. But despite how annoyingly clueless I sounded the staff was friendly and gave me enough information that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else.

by Angelito Martin on Regions Guns & Ammo
Great Find

They made the gun transfer feel a little more comfortable for me which I highly appreciate. Not to mention the staff was incredibly friendly and social with not just me but also with all the other customers that walked in. Overall I’d be more than happy to come back here for all my gun-related concerns.

by Lloyd Barnacle on Regions Guns & Ammo
Your Finest Armament, Please!

First time buying a gun here, I’ve looked high and low for a gun shop that could sell me quality guns that don’t need replacing right away or fixing because good lord knows I've been to a handful of shops and their gear didn’t last too long with me. Let me tell you though, the quality is great here, I think I’m going to make this my go-to shop from now on.

by Marcelo Lapiz on Regions Guns & Ammo
Easy Transfer

Gun transfer was a quick and painless process here, they asked me for license and whatnot. Not much of a difference with the other shops I’ve been to. I guess what might set them apart from the rest is that they have excellent customer service.

by Candice Collins on Regions Guns & Ammo
Thank You

My husband recently went to make a gun transfer at this place. He says he had never worked with a more professional gunsmith. The price for the whole service wasn't that bad as far as he's concerned. 

by John W. on Regions Guns & Ammo
It’s All About That Pricing

A rifle gun shop is particularly hard to come by in my area, so I looked up online for a shop that might be a few towns over and low I find myself visiting this particular shop. The moment I stepped in I was greeted with exceptional great customer service, but what really got me going was the price. Let's just say the trip was well worth it.

by Dana Moran on Regions Guns & Ammo
A Satisfied Customer

The gunsmith here was friendly and knowledgeable, I had no problem trying to find the guns and gears that I needed for my trip to the shooting range next week. They were pretty hands-on when it came to dealing with their customers and it made the whole ordeal of going there after a busy day a little less painful.

by Miranda Yates on Regions Guns & Ammo
Out With the Old in With the New

I traded in a gun I’ve had for over 9 years, I got like eighty dollars for it which was pretty fair of a price. Of course, they did ask for my ID and all, to which I happily complied. It’s nice to know that this gun shop is keen on following the laws and demands for handheld weapons.

by Martin Jaeger on Regions Guns & Ammo
I Like Me My Guns

As a gun enthusiast, I’ve been collecting guns for a while now and have found particular interests in the shotgun shop near my place and I must say after a few visits, I can definitely say that their customer service is consistent and on point. You can’t go wrong going to a place where you’re time and money is valued.

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